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About Us: Portfolio
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The Throne Room Worship Center was founded in 2012 by Pastor Howard and Apostle Jamesetta Roach. We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way in all that we do and are excited about encouraging others' growth in the Holy Spirit. We would love for you to come grow with us!

Both Pastor and Apostle Roach have a passion for the things of God. Pastor Roach focuses as an intercessor for the congregation while Apostle Roach serves as an advocate for building healthy relationships, especially in marriage. The Roaches strives to help individuals find acceptance, security, and significance in a relationship with Jesus Christ so they can become fruitful disciples for the Lord.


Jesus is the head of our church, and His word is our standard. We live to bring God glory and are lead by the Holy Spirit. For a more in depth view on what we believe check out our statement of beliefs.

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Our vision is to offer unto man salvation through Jesus Christ, to administer healing and deliverance and to set the captives free by the power of the Holy Spirit; equipping them to become disciples while enabling them to make disciples of all men for the purpose of adding to the kingdom of God daily!

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